Signs. Sales. & Semiotics

I live in Los Angeles. It’s the right place for anyone who’s in the sign business. And I am.


It has nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with transportation and convenience.In this town I get to drive everywhere to get anywhere. Along the way, I see signs.They’re omnipresent.

Every morning driving to work I have a routine. We all do. Mine includes a visual audit of the “landscape”. It’s akin to walking by a newsstand at an airport and experiencing a bleeding canvas of overlapping images. The effect is like cotton candy on your palette. It’s sweet, tasty, additive and memorable.


That summarizes what I do.


For some that may sound a bit trivial in its pursuit. But, in fact, its part of a much larger “landscape” called semiotics. That’s the study of signs and their producing literal or figurative metaphors, symbolic meanings, folklore and cultural communication [short-cuts] that link visual linguistics with personal identity.


That’s kind of heady.


The simple reality is this. We connect design, images and nomenclature with clients’ consumers. We are brand stewards. We do it in the most difficult forum: Retail.


We’re on the front line, working in real time with tangible and immediate results. There’s nothing fancy about that. I like that!


Just like golf, I get tested with every swing of the club. The structure of what I do on the course, just like business, is in the meaning and measure of the results I produce…again and again.


I’m a purveyor of signs. You can call it semiotics. Either way, let’s play some golf.

You’re up!